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New Domain

I’ve register new domain. Wyzemoro Solutions – This will be the new domain for my Homepage Coalition of Moro Youth Movement – Moro Youth Orgs Bangsamoro Free Nation – Bangsamoro Homeland

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True Muslim Leader

Since i’ve heard his death yesterday.. until today can’t believe he’s now gone. He is true Muslim Leader. I’m down and cry in my room mourning all night. But now, I’m now more stronger and willing to sacrifice my life and dedicate my whole life…

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Amirul Mujahideen Hashim Salamat Shaheed

I was in MSU-Marawi when i heard the news. My friend tell me he was already shaheed last July 13, 2003 and it was release just of today the news that he was dead. I was shock and can’t really believe that he just past…

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Evolve or Die!

I’m reflecting for this past few days what to do with my life. The Prelims Exam’s just finish 2 weeks ago and my performance is so bad and its alarming/unbearable and i’m now confused. Should i give up my chatting/surfing online and ranting on some…

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It’s been a long time since I’ve updated this page. There still a lot of links not working and im still looking around my files, scavenging my hardrive if still there something left(poems,articles,etc). I lost MANY files when i install FreeBSD/Unix multi-booting with Windows2k and…

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