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Bangsamoro Languages

Bangsamoro Languages – a collective language? I’m working on a Bangsamoro Translation project on Joomla! CMS Localization and now bump with some issues regarding the Language naming convention in Joomla! to quote: Language naming convention Starting with Joomla! 1.1 language packs have a standardised naming…

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Bangsamoro National Day statement

I’m not from ASSALAM Partylist though i share same sentiments and struggle of the Moro people for the right to Self-determination and Independence. 38 Years of Moro Unrelenting Struggle Today marked the 38th year of the celebrated Jabidah Massace that serves as main eye-opener for…

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Joomla! – Bangsamoro Translation

Any Joomla! user here? – . I created a new open source project. A translation from english to different Moro dialect of the Joomla! Content Management System (CMS). I’m also part of the Filipino Translation Team as we are now busy translating english to…

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