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Am I Atheist?

Am I Atheist? Sometimes I neither ask nor impelled myself this question wandered on my mind digging for answers. The answer is YES, it’s true for some time of my life and until now struggling throughout my life to reform and affirm my submission to…

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April Fools Joke

Heres some good April Fools jokes. Matt Cutts’ Blog Hacked, ShoeMoney Shut Down, TechCrunch Acquiring Fucked Company, Pirate Bay Hosting In North Korea and WordPress Developer Creates ForkPress. Week before i like doing some joke but since i’m gone AWOL i have no time to…

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Blogger goes AWOL

I’m on vacation in Iligan and thus busy playing with my younger siblings. Mostly i played with the youngest. Though i have internet connection here in iligan residence i have time to check emails and read others blog but i hardly have time to write…

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