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House Plans a division of HDA Inc. has been in the business for publishing and selling titles to showcasing their best homes and house plans. HDA is based in St. Louis, founded in 1983 as a home plan company, since then they are distributing their books…

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USA Online Casinos Players

We all aware that there are many online gambling site that promise to offer the excellent site. In reality there are only few of these sites are can be trusted and who provides privacy securing the players information. Don’t worry because theres  a site will…

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Free Casinos

Looking for an online free casinos website? Searching for the most exciting online casinos and where else casinos that provides best source or directory of the best online casino slots in the country and it is none other than the There are a lot…

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Keen Lee tulibu dibu douchoo – Valentina Hasan

The famous “Ken Lee” song performed by Valentina Hasan in Bulgarian Idol (WITH ENGLISH TRANSLATION). It’s really funny and hilarious! Maria Carey song “Can’t Live” was massacred. hehe.

She sings the song again but its now more improved. Her English has definitely improved.

This video saved me from killing myself. A good laugh. hehe. LOL!

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Seeking Knowledge

I’ve been a stubborn son ever since and trying hard to be smart. I’ve been naughty and rebellious that puts me to trouble and in the end dragging my parents and love ones to the mess. Thus, every time I’m in serious dilemma i just wish i was never been born in this simple and […]

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Qur’an a Fascist Book?

In Netherland Dutch politician Geert Wilders has described the Koran as a “fascist book” and reaffirmed what he calls “the clear superiority of Christian culture over that of Muslims.”
Geert Wilders is a vocal critic of Islam and will release a film in March on the Koran, which is already generating widespread controversy. He stated […]

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32Vegas Online Casino

Online Casino Games at offers gambling and betting games from industry experts on everything from bingo and blackjack to slots and poker. This vegas casino offers one of the best online casinos, bingo sites and poker rooms where you can bet online with real…

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