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GRP, MILF clash in drafts (1): The Agreed Guidelines

By Patricio P. Diaz/MindaNews (The series is an analysis of the draft peace pacts exchanged between the government and Moro Islamic Liberation Front peace panels on January 27, 2010 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The MILF did not show up for discussion the next day claiming…

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By Tommy Pangcoga The term “right to self-determination” – more popularly known by its acronym, “RSD” – and particularly in the context of Mindanao and the centuries-old struggle of the Bangsamoro people, has been widely misunderstood, especially by the mainstream majority of Philippine society. It…

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Is there life for the Peace Process after Arroyo?

By Maulana Bobby Alonto As the Armed Forces of the Philippines intensifies its aerial and ground bombardment of Moro communities in Mindanao and starving of Moro refugees with military food blockades to collect the multi-million peso rewards on the heads of MILF commanders Ameril Ombra…

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Morojasan Fantasy Part I

By Morojasan I came to a conclusion that great leaders are those who have the capacity to fantasize the imagination of the people. While I was wondering of what makes me feel the stories of the great leaders of the world, I developed questions in…

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