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Wyzemoro Blogs posts moving here

I’ve been reviewing all my blogs and doing some adjustments. My Wyzemoro Blogs is lately been an aggregator of all my blogs. I’m still reviewing and putting plans to how not to lost my traffic from Wyzemoro Blogs, so the traffic will be redirected here…

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Young Moros Marsh Peace Rally

Last January 6 at around 8 o’clock in the morning, hundreds, if not thousands of Young Moros, from different groups and organizations of various schools and colleges in the City of Marawi and Lanao del Sur, gathered and Marshed in Quezon Avenue of the city  for the MARSH PEACE RALLY urging the National Government to […]

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Upgraded to WordPress 2.6

It was just few days ago nor weeks that i upgraded this blog to Wordpress 2.5.1 and now more updates from Wordpress. I was like forced to upgrade to version 2.6 and see what changes nor new features.
Matt announced few days ago for the release of Wordpress. Version 2.6 “Tyner,” named after jazz pianist McCoy […]

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Upgraded to WordPress 2.5.1 and Razer Fanboy

This blog is now WordPress version 2.5.1.
I’m slowly reviving back my blogs and updating my other websites/blogs. I don’t really know what to write and share as of this moment. Maintaining many blogs is painful.
Aside from upgrading wordpress i also upgrade some peripherals of my Rig. Heres the list:

Razer Lachesis (mice)

Razer Lycosa (keyboard)

Razer ExactMat + […]

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I’ve heard before as been offering Free Blogs account for people who wants to be a blogger and will share their personal online journal and their own thoughts about anything they like or hate. Thoughts is not only limited on Free Blog but they…

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War and Peace Adviser

The appointment of newly retired General Hermogenes Esperon, Jr. to the position of Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process shows that Mrs. Arroyo is either controlled by the military or is completely insincere about the peace process (or both). General Esperon, as the head of…

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Goji Berries & Goji Berry Products

Goji Berry is one of the most unique nutritionally dense fruit on earth! It has antioxidants which thus, fight and keeps cells from harmful or cancerous cells, where this reactive molecules called “free radicals”. Goji berries contain numerous health-promoting compounds known to provide a tremendous…

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Do you have a sexual dysfunction nor sexual disorder? having problems getting your private genitals to erect? Relax and have a deep breath, In Jesgamble you will learn more about this magic blue pill. talks about real people’s experience and their viagra stories. Though…

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Rushmore Casino

There so many lists all the best online casinos out there, but there’s one site that I really noticed is that Rushmore Casino is always on top of the directory lists. I’m really kinda intrigue by Rushmore. Maybe I’ll try play online casino rushmorecasino there?…

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