As you’ve notice.. there’s nothing here yet.. I’m still planning/designning what to do with this site. I’ve few things in my mind but it’s better if you contribute/comment/suggest what do you think what’s best for this site… this is for all you Bangsamoro People. This website will focus on the the lives of the Bangsamoro which is been discriminated, oppressed, prejudiced and deprived of economic/social development for this past centuries. This struggle of Bangsamoro for self-determination is considered the oldest struggle for independence in Asia or in the whole world. Its time to RISE and be PROUD for what we are.

I want to thank boxph ( ) who is really so kind and amazing for hosting this domain and providing webspace for this site, thanks tol!. And to my friends at #marawi … alone23^^, jannica, pointers, kalalagan, VJnice, girlash, kikay^, D^Female, Alqayyez, Glen_A, pixels, asiong`, hanidah, Clever^ and all supporters.. sorry for i forgot your nick… email me so i can add ur nick 🙂

Alahu Akbar!