I’m reflecting for this past few days what to do with my life. The Prelims Exam’s just finish 2 weeks ago and my performance is so bad and its alarming/unbearable and i’m now confused. Should i give up my chatting/surfing online and ranting on some miserable bourd/forums and concentrate on my studies instead? ITS TIME TO EVOLVE! i dont know how but i will in some ways… sorting my times and its no time for failure now. I really hate schooling but need to finish this stage and go on to the next. or else stuck up and DIE!. any good advice? email: [email protected].

I’ll update this page regularly and fix the links and get my stuff back online, i’ll upload it when i’m free and if the dialup connection is fine. I’m on the way of purchasing 2x256mb PC133 SDRAM or 1x512mb PC133 SDRAM to upgrade my OLD PentiumIII-500mhz box then i can reformat *again* and Install FULL Slackware 9.0 Linux or FreeBSD 4.8 and get rid of my M$ W|nbl0w5 XP? More Web Project are comming! Inshaallah! i’ll finish this one-by-one. i g0t z3r0 skills so forgive me if it will take long for me to finish.

Be Proud of what you are. Be Proud of being a Moro and a good Muslim. I’M A MORO, HOW ABOUT YOU? (theres no such thing as a filipino race. but bangsamoro have a long/old history than filipino have.tsk tsk)