I was in MSU-Marawi when i heard the news. My friend tell me he was already shaheed last July 13, 2003 and it was release just of today the news that he was dead. I was shock and can’t really believe that he just past away. I thought it is just a hoax or bad joke but when i go online and check the site www.luwaran.com that’s the time i really believe that our Amirul Mujahideen is gone. It is really sad day for me and i think for all the Muslims out there in particular the Moro Freedom Fighters/Mujahideen. When i go home back to Iligan City i feel im sick and have no strenght at all then when i’m in my room i cry cry..and cry. Innalillahi Wainailayhi Rajioun. We dearly mourn the death of Sheik Hashim Salamat. May his soul be blessed by Allah and be accepted to Paradise. ameen. Alahu Akbar! Alahu Akbar! Alahu Akbar!

Salamat was the founding father of the Bangsamoro Jihad together with about 10 leading Moro scholars in Cairo, Egypt during the early 1960.