This site is dedicated all who strives to make this homeland free. We post this poem in honor of Ustadz Hashim Salamat (May Allah showers his mercy on him). May Allah forgives all his sins and accepts all his scarifices. the poem from

The Martyr
(Sheikh Hashim Salamat (RA) – 2003)

I will carry my soul in my hand
And throw it in the valleys of death
It is either a life that makes a friend happy
Or a death that makes an enemy angry
The noble man’s soul has two goals
To die or to achieve its dreams
What is life if I don’t live
Feared and what I have is forbidden to others
When I speak, all the world listens
And my voice echoes among people
I see my death, but I rush to it
This is the death of men
And whoever desires an honorable death
Then this is it
How am I patient with the spiteful
And patient with all this pain?
Is it because of fear?
While life has no value to me!
Or humiliation? While I am contemptuous!
I will throw my heart at my enemies’ faces
And my heart is iron and fire!
I will protect my land with the edge of the sword
So my people will know that I am the man

/** this site and is dedicated to him for his courage, bravery and sacrifices defending the bangsamoro homeland to be a free nation against colonialists and oppressors. Alahu Akbar! Alahu Akbar! Alahu Akbar! */