its saturday afternoon… im preparing my things/stuffs to transfer to my new cottage… from my books to computers and all things i need in the university for everyday life.

im gonna live.. around 5pm at iligan.. maybe arrive at msu marawi.. around 6>7pm .. and fix the room and clean my new home .. my new room. its will be a new challenge for me.. a new horizons.. never been in a cottage with myself… thanks to a fren of mined.. for letting me share the room for a small price.

i’ve so many plans in my new room… first cleaning it and so i can feel good and home away from home. i’ve plan to set up my own network… inshaallah. its quite big room… and messy so far.. i will have a picture.. if i can look some camera… i’ll try to show off my mess up geek room.. hahaha. anyways… always stay cool and relax.. tomorrow is a bigday… fixing and cleaning the dirt. errr… no worries i have some good friends there.. to help me.

keep chilling. keep it burning. keep it crashing….