as of this writing… i remove the suspended access of all operators which been suspended for this past days.

i hope everything will come to normal as the operators get back their access. NO SHARING OF ACCESS PLS! if you want your access to stay. 🙂

OP applicants …. email me… gimme ur best reason why i should give you an access. get in contact with me at [email protected]

i know… for some people …i’m a jerk or a$$h*le or selffish… o ano pa dyan and i know my credibility as a person nor being a fren is lost well for some reasons?

thanks to everyone who has offered to help and sent i support you and other kind emails. i really appreciate it. i’m also grateful for many of the suggestion on how to fix and figure out how to secure and protect the channel #marawi.

indi ko pinapabayaan ang #marawi …. for some other reasons… i cant be online, until i get my connection to my cottage or permanently get off sa MSU and transfer *again* to some schools in iligan and get a DSL internet connection. i’m really trying hard to fix and patch the problems but its really hard. im trying to get in contact with my old friends to host and spare some shells for background process for few eggdrops(irc bot) but to no avail.

im really busy coding/programming/designing for the major revision of …i dont know if i will finish this job. sorry if im offline always… i’ll get intouch with you soons… im online every weekends.

channel manager, #marawi channel @ undernet network