right now… i drop *again* my schooling…. ang gulo talaga ng buhay ko… i’m still weighing my option where to study again… i’m planning to study preferably sa manila. san kaya ok mag school? any suggestion? for sure… i’ll gonna miss my old friend at MSU-Marawi at saka mga kasama ko sa pakikibaka para sa malayang bangsamoro.

i’m self studying…. xhtml/css2/xml/php errr… i’ll concentrate on web development muna… then software development specializing in networking,wireless,voip application using c/c++,java prog lang and concetrating on GNU/Linux,FreeBSD platform nor other open source.. kung ang client gusto M$ platform.. pde rin…. yan target ko. tapusin ko muna studies ko… then i’ll take college of law (this is for my dad) … after i take law and inshallah pass bar? sana… balik internet ulit hehe *evil grin*… i want to put up my own IT company soon.. inshallah. taena… dami nito ah?

anyway…i’m enjoying maintaining/developing www.bangsamoro.com and its mirror (www.morofocus.com) …meron na ma add sa web dev portfolio ko? haha! i want to add islamic open source software to my portfolio soon… i’ll just have to fix my priorities and manage my time.

my fren? i need your moral support and moral boost to face all this challenges in my life. putting me down will not make a millionare … har har har. its hard to be me… syado ng complicated life ko… continue my lost life at far away places para bago naman… new life! this life is what i choose? or this is my fate? my destiny?

to my 0x4 crew back in msu-marawi … i’ll still be here … i’m on my way getting back my long lost z3r0 skills. anyway… lets get legit? i’m tired of illegal stuff. pag me pera na ako.. i’ll look to host our website/forum.

ok.. i’ll update you guys soon… this is my path… –> still unknown???