wow! just recieve monetary support from someone… (you know who you are) … we use the feature g-cash in Globe … i will cash this… soon. galing talaga ng Globe. this will be use to purchase a shell to host the eggdrop (irc bot) to protect the channel #marawi @ undernet network.

i badly need cash nowadays… my domain name and webhosting will be expering this june… i need money to renew the contract *grin* if you want to spend money.. and you dont know where to spend it? contact me…i’ll be your consultant.. haha!

i’ll be transfering my domains to a new registrar… maybe at … my current registrar.. it sucks.. there servers uptime sucks and their customer service… ? *evil grin*

anyway… i badly need monetary help. dami kasi ako gastos from internet rentals to bills of domain name and webhosting. contact me.