The ongoing figthing in Sulu which spilled over to different areas in Jolo. The death toll rise from combatants to non-combatants.

Heres the different links of statement/press release of Moro Groups and news from other source for guidance and not being biased.

we hope that the war must stop and look for a solution that the ordinary people won’t be affected and harm. we must use diplomacy to solve this war.

For those Moro Mujaheed for spare their bloods to defend their fellow Muslim brethen and their land… my prayers and dua is with you.

For those civilians crossfired and the one who really suffer from this war… my prayers and dua is with you.

For those Barbaric AFP …where we can tag them as the true terrorist who massacre a family in Maimbung.

edilwasif baddiri wrote:
The crucible that started the fighting was the massacre of a family in Maimbung by AFP soldiers. My mom related to me that AFP soldiers searched an empty house in Maimbung and found a gun. They found the owner of the house in the field and he was executed. When the wife saw this, she was able to grab a gun and kill some soldiers. She was killed too. The AFP soldiers then picked up their two children, brought them along, killed them and threw the bodies by the

Relatives of the family sought justice from the local government officials to no avail. Apparently, the military refused to act against their soldiers.

i respect and sympathy to Ustadz Haber’s and its MNLF members Jihad in defending the Moro people of Sulu and who still continue the honor and defend the oppressed Moro people from the corrupt/evil AFP and the fascist/imperialist government of GMA.

Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!