By Sultan Sharif/[email protected]

February 3 (Thursday), Daytime:

A group of army and two army integrees went to a civilian house in Barangay Karawan, Indanan. They went there based on a report that an MNLF fighter was reportedly seen visiting his family carrying with him guns. (Gunrunning business in Jolo is a regular practice). When one of the integrees went to the house, the father of the family owning the house attacked the army and the integrees with gunfire, while his wife and four kids tried to escape. The army was able to kill the husband. Upon witnessing the death of her husband, the wife tried to fight back, killing one army member and injuring a few. The wife was eventually killed by the army, and injured and captured one of her sons. Two of the kids escaped. The army reportedly shot the already dead wife many times.

When MNLF forces came to the rescue, they were angered upon finding the dead body of the wife. Unconfirmed reports said that the woman was raped even when she was already dead. About 30 minutes later, one company of army under Lt. Egoh arrived at the scene encountering the MNLF forces already there. An armed encounter ensued killing Lt. Egoh died and a few of his men. Some of the forces on the MNLF side also got injured.

February 4 (Friday):

LSRC Chairman, Khaid Ajibon, called the attention of Commander Biting Bara and Commander Papa Bara of Karawan for a full report.

February 5 (Saturday):

Chairman Khaid called the group of Ustadz Habier Malik in Panamao ordering him to hold a meeting somewhere in the second district to address and discuss this violent encounter. Khaid was at Mt. Tumantigis in the first district.

February 6 (Sunday):

A decision was reached to hold simultaneous counter attacks against the nearest military positions.

February 7 (Monday):

Ustadz Habier Malik, Ustadz Bashir, Commander Al-Mujahid, Hajji Julambri Misuari and their army comprising more than 500 men attacked military positions at Barangay Siit in Panamao. A tank and military jeep were badly damaged during the attack. A lieutenant and his men were also killed. Two integrees also surrendered to the MNLF, while six others were found missing. The Barangay Chairman reportedly helped the army.

Commander Adun of Lanao Dakulah attacked the army post at Barangay Wanni Piyanjihan. One army member was killed, while one was reported injured. Five guns were recovered by the MNLF. At the same time, the group of Commander Biting and Papa encountered an army patrol near Parang Poblacion. Two MNLF members were injured, while the number of casualties and injured on the army side was not known.

February 9 (Wednesday):

An encounter in Panamao ensued which killed Lt. Col. Villanueva (by mortar shell from the MNLF). Many other army members were either dead or injured.

It was also reported that Col. Mamarine, head of 55th IB, was also killed together with Col. Villanueva during that early morning encounter.

The military counter-attacked, injuring Commander Ustadz Bashir and killing his brother. 18 were reported dead on the AFP side, while more than 35 were injured. The MNLF also attacked military posts at Brgy. Taglibi, Patikul. Only two army soldiers survived. A few military armaments were recovered. No casualties were reported on the MNLF side.

There was a hit-and-run attack by Abu SAYYAF leader Commander Albader against a military post at Brgy. Adjib, Indanan.

February 10 (Thursday):

The army abandoned all their posts in Indanan and Parang. Soldiers were moved to defend the town of Jolo. In Maimbung, all the armies left their posts and gathered at Barangay Matatal, Maimbung, where the 53rd IB is based. Military operations continued in Panamao and Luuk sides. Mayor of Panglima Estino and Luuk appealed to the MNLF forces to spare their towns.

A mutiny of 70 integrees and regular army men from the 53rd IB resulted to the death of their Battalion Commander.

February 11 (Friday):

American-trained soldiers arrived in Jolo by C130 plane.

February 12 (Saturday):

DSWD Secretary Dinky Soliman, Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Secretary Ging Deles and Braganza arrived in Jolo. Military bombardment still continues in Panamao. No encounter was reported in Indanan, Parang and in Jolo.

The MNLF staged a nightime attack on the army battalion at Matatal, the only military post left in Maimbung.

February 14 (Monday):

Reinforcements from MNLF of Tawi-Tawi arrive in Panamao to assist Ustadz Habier.

February 15 (Tuesday):

One company of army moved out of Jolo towards Panamao, along the National Road. They were ambushed on the way (the number of casualties are still being confirmed)

At 11:20 are, one truck of army soldiers were wiped out including one Major. Mortar and canyon bombardments are staged daily. The AFP has sent 155 of their men, with the biggest concentration in Talipao. Offensive attacks are being staged in Panamao daily.

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