i’ve first see this on Migs Paraz Blogs then i verify the link at TipidPC.

Sana ganito nalang palagi… at least i can save. i’m still looking for 300 pesos… para makaload ako. Thanks to SUN cellullar… kung wala sila .. there will be no Unlimited Hype now… har har har!


Please be advised that Globe’s All You Want promo will be on soft-launch tomorrow, March 22, 2005. There will be no communication to the public. For inquiries regarding the promo, you may inform them about the details of the promo

1. This promo is open to all GHP Prepaid subscribers including SIM swappers.

2. GHP Prepaid subscribers must REGISTER first to avail of the promo. The account balance should be at least Php 301 when they register to the promo.

Text 300 to 2870.

3. The amount will be deducted automatically from the existing balance. GHP Prepaid subscribers must maintain a minimum account balance of 1 to enjoy the promo.

4. A confirmation message will be sent to inform subscribers to wait for an activation message within 24 hours. This activation message will inform them that they can already start using the Plan as well as its expiry date and time.

5. Registering to the promo will NOT change the load expiry. The load expiry will be dependent on the last reload made.