its been months i’ve not update my blogs… i want to write some personal gigs for this past weeks and days but due to some security risk i restraint to openly share my life to public. sometimes your being good and sharing good deeds with others will be mis-interpreted by someone and it will cause another havoc nor chaos in my life… where i dont want to happen this again. my family had enough and specially me… i want to move on and live without fear of walking around the city where i dont imagine someone is following me at my back threatning my life.

just finish installing GNU/Linux Slackware 10.1 after getting an installer from a friend…. now im back playing with codes. this box will serves as my development linux box where it will host my web dev projects and other aps i want to play with.. this is not my PC but i just add my 2x80GB HD IDE … i just wish i have this extra money to buy a new PC. i badly need one to continue my works. next coming week… my domains including this ( will be expiring soon… it will be on June 10, 2005. i badly need money to renew it… hope i can pay it by monday next week. hirap ng buhay talaga. hope i can solve this one.