I came across an article slashdotted (slashdot.org). Its an interesting essay of Scott Berkun on Why smart people defend bad ideas. He states that:

…be used to overpower others, even when you are dead wrong. If you learn a few tricks of logic and debate, you can refute the obvious, and defend the ridiculous. If the people you’re arguing with aren’t as comfortable in the tactics of argument, or aren’t as arrogant as you are, they may even give in and agree with you.

The problem with smart people is that they like to be right and sometimes will defend ideas to the death rather than admit they’re wrong. This is bad. Worse, if they got away with it when they were young (say, because they were smarter than their parents, their friends, and their parent’s friends) they’ve probably built an ego around being right, and will therefore defend their perfect record of invented righteousness to the death. Smart people often fall into the trap of preferring to be right even if it’s based in delusion, or results in them, or their loved ones, becoming miserable. (Somewhere in your town there is a row of graves at the cemetery, called smartypants lane, filled with people who were buried at poorly attended funerals, whose headstones say “Well, at least I was right.”)

It makes me renew and dig deeper on my logical thinking. thinking of my past logical reasoning is right or dumb and wrong? Computer Science major subjects.. IMHO, i think mostly deals with logics and reasonings to solve the problems. Programmers innovate many applications which some of its features are dumb… or maybe its not right to put it there. Programmers tend to play with codes anything which come first on their mind… somethings playing with this code messes up the whole thing. In the mind of righteous… im dumb and in my mind.. my logical reasoning must be updated with faster CPU and more RAM to process all probable output correctly. now this writeups mess up and my brain… cant think logically… heh! sorry im not as smart as you! thats why im pursuing to finish my Computer Science major… to learn more on logical reasoning.. so i will be a rightous and at the same time dumb? haha!