now im back to school…. i want to concentrate on my studies and be a fulltime student. i just finish enrolling… started with 13units but i’ll add subject next week. what really makes me feels bad is im back in school not as higher level but back in 1st year level/status. In this university, which is private where i only credit around 30 units mostly english, filipino, history, PE and ROTC/NSTP. My math and physics subject taken at Mindanao State University (MSU) both at Iligan Institute of Technology (IIT), Iligan Campus and the Main Campus, Marawi City are not credited because my current university is base on PAASCU Acreditation while MSU is AACCUP Acreditation. I take validation exam on english, filipino, humanities writing essays.I need to take validation exam for my math and physics to be validated but i prefer to retake it because the last time i take College Algebra and Trigonometry is 5yrs. ago (year 1999) when i was 1st year student at MSU-IIT. Academic wise but not financially wise (high tuition), i retake it to refresh my knowledge and so i won’t find hardtime taking up higher maths in the future.

My last 5years in college goes to trash. Being a freshmen in my new university but my age doesnt feel it. I’m 22 and my blockmates and classmates are probably around 15 to 17yrs old. I hate it but i had to live with it. I really repent my past excuses and doings. I accept that some of my unacceptable behaviors are my faults due to my softness, rebellious attittude and most of all lack of fear to God. Theres so may reasons why im this and that.But now, back to school im praying and hoping that no more bad decisions and i can resist doing bad things. Aside from hoping that my actions and behaviours will be acceptable to my parents and to Allah, i hope and pray that my past actions will leave behind and serve as lessons. I hope no one is following my back just to destroy me and messed up again my life.I really have this fear or phobia where someone is following me threatening my life. I leave my life to Allah.

wish me luck 🙂