Now, i’m fullload having 25units enrolled. My schedule is really full and hoping i can fine time to finish my job (being fulltime student) and also have time to update being the webmaster. Its really hard for me now to maintain websites i.e., and also this personal site of mine which i hardly fine time to update and write my blogs/online journal.

i’m looking for 2nd hand p3 proc 500mhz to 600mhz to use at my old PC. i still dont have the money to buy a new one. i also looking for refurbished monitor for my internet hobbies (web weaving, blogging, etc.) and also for my academic requirements where we ask to make programming assignments soon!

I hope there still a PLDT promo for free Installation for phone so i can subscribe for free. I dont have budget for phone fee cost $$$?? I’ll struggle for dialup for now soon as i get more budget.. i’ll upgrade for DSL so i’ll host my own site (ftp, bittorent) so i can share my animes, mp3’s/ogg’s and other interesting files.

this is for now… i’ll update this soon as i can fine time. if i can have old x86 linux box next month.. maybe i can update this site of mine and other website i maintain. any hardware donations is accepted and even cash. LOL!… my boarding house is bit of spacious so i can serve servers. bwahahaha.. soon as i can get DSL connection + public IP + DNS record. drop me a message at if you can help.