its now my 23rd birthday (july 4, 1982)… alhamdulillah another year add to my life. this day aint that colorful but its touching and sentimental… my parents txted me and greeted me. i almost burst into tears…. but because im going into my class, i stop being sentimental and concentrate on my class. i thought that im forgotten… alhamdulillah they still remember me and love me despites the problems i give to them, Inshallah no more headaches for them and i hope and i’ll work for it to be someone where my parents could be proud of me. I’ll be best in my choose of field and endeavor.

I dont celebrate birthdays though… i dont have that money to treat all my friends. I’m low in cash… wishing i have more in this coming days? months? years? to buy my badly needed PC. i badly need one. this one of the things on my wishlist.

Hope more years to be added in my life Inshallah to please my parents and most of all, my highest aim is to please Allah SWT and do all His Will.

To my parents (mommy and papa)… thanks for being patience and giving my another chance to turn my life back to the track. Sorry for all the headaches and problems i give… I LOVE YOU mommy n papa ! (i cant say it in front of you… im not that expressive and i dont have the confidence to say it on person, only on writings and on my heart/mind).

To barby/joey…tnx for the txt… i thought you forgot me nah. you are the ONLY friend who greeted me. BIG Thanks…im glad to have a friend like you. *winks* no one txted me…nakalimutan na ako ng lahat… maybe busy lang sila…me bago silang mundo? hehe. once again… thanks and always keep cool and always be true. 🙂