i receive a sms message from barby^^ ..a very good friend of mine around 2:08pm today asking why she cant joined the channel #marawi but because i have no load that time i cant reply her and i have my class.

and another txt sms message from triSHA^^ verifying the said event, she can’t also join the channel.

so right after my special exams (because i was absent during my exam last week due to health problems).. i log-on around 6pm. when i verify the status of my channel its set to +mkpnl 4 .. they also set a key/password and invite only. And what really astounishing and really p*ssed me off and i almost blow my head-off due to heat? it really boils …*evil grin* they change my old username email from [email protected] to [email protected] which probably the work of jalani from #ranaw (TEAM RANAW / www.ranaw.com) and who also work for Horizon ISP as technical staff? he maintain www.horizonwisp.com website…who is trying all his best to destroy me and the channel #marawi .

Due to this event, im afraid that now he have transfer and owned the username account with his email add ([email protected]) , im praying that the CService Undernet will hold any purge of the channel or manager transfer of the channel #marawi and get back/restore my old email add or change to another new email address.

check below the quote part.

-X- Information about: onyot (121568)
-X- Currently logged on via:
-X- [email protected]
-X- Language: 1
-X- LAST SEEN: 0 days, 02:39:52 ago.
-X- EMail: [email protected]
-X- Last Hostmask: [email protected]
-X- Max Logins: 1
-X- Channels: #marawi (500), #support.ph (499)