Salam All!

just back from a training on Islamic Values Transformation Re-Orientation sponsored by CMSYI and BDA ( Alhamdullillah… just recharge my Imaan and will continue to seek knowledge. It’s a 3day activities. whole weekend…. im offline and now my inbox is flooding! *evil grin*

im waiting the fellow participant to email the news/feature articles for that said event to be posted next weekend Inshallah. Pictures also will be posted at the Gallery. soon!

what i appreciate in the event… free flowing coffess/tea then…am/pm snacks/juice/coffee. hehe. and of course.. mga Moro Delicacies. from Dodol, i forgot the name of rice flakes ba yun? and others… i forgot the names. *evil grin*

for the first time… i taste.. the TINAPAYANG …by Bro.Nas (i forgot the last name) who is the chief cook of the event. and his TINAPAYANG is now been commercially pack and sold to Japan… pang Exported na pala mga Moro Delicacies natin? Galing! the food committee really fed us full! tumaba ako.. additional few pounds. haha.

maybe.. the kits in the activity will be posted at im thinking of adding new section of like. What is Islam Section? and other stuff. im really tired. cge… wala kasi ako matandaan eh. balik nalang.. pagnaka isip ulit. Shukran!