new Editor-in-Chief.

I’ve been silence for quite sometimes and were not updated since Nov.2005 when our Editor-in-Chief Mr. Gonaranao Musor left as he was VERY busy with his work at Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). He will be leaving soon this year and be posted abroad something like consul or diplomat officer? He has been so nice and good to me ever since i takeover the webmastering task of and until he will soon left for a career abroad. Though he will be out as editor, he promise to contribute articles for the website. I his him goodluck and the best in his career! Chief Gonz! Jazakallahu Khayran!

After he left i’ve been wondering who will be the next Editor and will takeover the tasks?

Theres quite few list member of Young Moro Professionals Network, Inc. (YMPN) who tend their volountarism to take the task of Editor of, one of which is Derkie (i dont his fullname) of Asian Institute of Management (AIM), Sarah Matalam, Teng Mangansakan, Ramesh Dataya.

On Jan.29 (sunday) Ate Kong finally SMS/text me around 7pm to meet her at some chicken restaurant and she treats me for dinner. I can’t resist if its the treat of Queen Kong. hehe. *smile*. After our yummy dinner we went to some coffe shop to meet Teng and Edil was also there.

In the coffee shop, we talk about their USIP Forum experience (i wish i was there to observe) and the trace rooting the Sultanate of Maguindanaw. The forum was a bit complicated and the Sultanate is quite confusing and i’m with struct by lightning to my discovery. anyway my post is not about the USIP Forum nor Sultanate. 🙂

On that night, Queen Kong finally decided and confirm to me that Teng will be our new Editor-in-Chief of and other volounters will be part of the staff and maybe associate editor of Teng?

About Teng or Gutierrez Mangansakan II is a writer, photographer, anthropology and history junkie, esoteric arts padawan, and documentary filmmaker from Pagalungan, Maguindanao Province, in Southern Philippines. He has been named Defender of Cultural Heritage by the 2005 edition of the Fookien Times Philippines Yearbook for his efforts in nurturing the rich tradition of his Maguindanaon ancestry

Well guys, lets welcome our new Editor-in-Chief of – Teng Mangansakan . Hope this year will be a good one for the website More juicy articles will be serve soon! Inshallah this week we can update the website.