Another latest massacre of 6 civilians in the province of Sulu allegedly a work by military agents to bring terrors in the eyes of the community to derail Congressional initiatives in the peace process between the government and Moro Mujahideen. This incident incite more hatred and violence in Sulu and may escalate across Mindanao between Muslim Moro – Christian Filipino conflict. Now with the resumption GRP-MILF Peace Talks in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia hoping it won’t derailed the peace process and will cause another All-Out-War in Mindanao.

Heres the statement of Bayan Muna Rep. Joel G. Virador calling Justice for the Sulu Massacre victimes and condemning such terror acts. Hope this words must be put into action and not just talking and issueing statements just to prove they are doing something to give justice to the victims.

I remember again the Jabidah Massacre last March 18 1968 or also known as The Corregidor Massacre of 1968 which shaped-up and a rallying point of the Bangsamoro people to re-affirm their sacred right for self-determination and Indenpendence thus was then lead by the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) as Nur Misuari their leader now in prision serving a rebellion case.

If justice will not be serve to the massacre victims, expect more violence and hatred to come for revenge. The impending arrival of US troops in Mindanao into predominantly Muslim communities to train Filipino troops on anti-terrorism campaign as the Moro Muslim people labeled as terrorists. Expect more violence, human rights abuses and more rape cases.

US Troops out of Mindanao now! Your presence in our Bangsamoro Homeland cause more problems than help us alleviate our current situation. History tells us that the US are the one to be blame for the suffering of Moro people now when they immorally annex the Moro land as part of the Philippine sovereignity and integral territory. We are now be proud people and free from Philippine Colonial Gov’t. if the US heeds the call of our Moro Leaders then that they don’t want to be part of the Philippines.

Justice for the Sulu Massacre Victims! I also pray for the Christian victims and condemn such terror acts.