Heres a screenshot of My Email Preferences at my Yahoo! Groups that this soft bouncing email really pissed me off.

Bounce History for wyzemoro [at] gmail [dot] com

and also screenshot of Recent bounced messages.


Just to inform you that i’ve been experiencing having this kind virus in my emails and it infected most of email accounts and my friends networks that makes me paranoid everyday that it also use mask/spoof your email account and it cause bouncing email at Yahoo! Groups and some mailinglist getting banned.

This kind of worm EATS up your network bandwidth or PC Internet Bandwith and it thus replicates itself by fetching infected websites and distribute it through other computers either by e-mail or network.

dont open attached files with extension like this:


and also *.exe .. pretending to be a word format or jpeg .. they attached like filename.jpg.scr or filename.doc.exe and name it. be careful opening unknown email. its better to virusscan it first before opening.

pls. dont help spread this virus/worm. update all your virus scanner database… its useless if its not… it wont detect new virus/worm.