I just don’t like anonymous comment post.

I just enabled this blog registration page and you can login in to this blog as a pre-requisuite before you can post and comment.

I know it will be disadvantages to someone who will post comment around my Blog but i think it will only take you 1minute (60seconds) less or more to register. If you want to leave comment on some of my posting i dare you to show up and stand up for what you believe in. Don’t pretend to be someone nor make yourself anonymous and be so lame and coward. So if you want to be credited for your comment and be known in this Internet Blogging community a small “intoduce yourself” won’t that hurt much.

The registration will help me solves my problem about annoying spam comments getting thru the filters and protections.

Heres the link to registration page for those feel like to spare some time to comment on my blog and for others who don’t feel like it it’s also ok to register ahead of time, we don’t know in the future you want to post a comment.