Actually i recieved this email few weeks ago from Gutierrez “Teng” Mangansakan II and i forgot to post it. I can’t wait to see the output of this docu-film project.
I meet Teng last week and i got a chance to see the docu-film project proposal but unluckily Teng won’t let me show the “sequence treatment” of the said docu-film project. Its confidential! hehe. 🙂

I think this week the pre-production is on finishing touch then the coming weeks is the start of production – filmming/shooting! I wonder what would be my part in the production?

I see this film will envade every house of Moro TV sets and other’s who are interested with the Ash-Shayk Ash-Shaheed Salamat Hashim lifes and work who greatly contributed and influence their life as of now.

Check the Announcement of the Amir Production Team thru email:

Dear everyone,

We are proud to announce that the production of a documentary on Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) founding Chair Salamat Hashim is proceeding on full swing!

‘Amir,’ the working title of the film, is derived from the term Ameerul Mujahideen, an honorific bestowed upon the late Chairman.

A documentary on the life of Hashim hopes to unlock the person behind the principled historical figure providing a better understanding of this man as well as the social and ideological impact of the organization which he founded.

Starting with the award winning ‘House under the Crescent Moon,’ this project will be the fourth installation of a series of documentaries on the armed conflict in Mindanao by Gutierrez Mangansakan II. It is hoped that ‘Amir’ follows the same sensitive depiction of the Moro people’s quest for peace and their right to chart their own destinies as its predecessors.

We ask everybody to pray for the success of this production. We also encourage everybody to help us through research, financing, logistical, and moral support.

For more info, please email or text/call 0920.9049336.

Thank you very much.



If you think you can be of help, please dont hesitate to contact Teng with the email and mobile numbers above.

“If this freedom cannot be achieved during my lifetime, I can assure you, and I can assure everybody, that I have already planted the seeds of Jihad, I have already planted the idea of fighting for freedom in the hearts of my people — the Bangsamoro people.” — Ash Shaykh Ash-Shaheed Salamat Hashim

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