You already notice some changes in my BLOG at Header and Footer section. I installed the plugins of Usayd Networks Hacks/Plugins. I only get to work the Random Hadith Quotation and the Random Qur’an.

The random Hadith quotation is useful for me because i want to know more about the Islam and its messages and i want something that will help me remember and denote the way Prophet Muhammad SAW (pbuh) lived his life. Hoping it will guide me and restrain me to deviate again from the true path.

As for Random Qur’an i have also same reason as stated at random hadith – as my guidance though i admit that my faith now is very weak and deviated most of the time. I’m seeking for more guidance and help. As you see in my last few posts i said i’m sort of lost sheep. I hope in this journey of my life were im a person who always try to find the meaning of it and try to make my existence worth to every person arounds me – my family, relatives, friends, the Bangsamoro people.

I seek and contemplate to be a better Muslim muslim someday and so my fear to Allah SWT is craved in my hearts and mind so i can’t do more stupid things. I’m really sorry for my parents having me as their spoiled and stuborn eldest son – i always give them problems and pains. I can’t help myself cry like a helpless baby always asking for forgiveness and still i keep doing the same mistake. I’m always a failure to them. I can’t even get a decent grades in school and i’m 6yrs+ in college and still struggling to finish 1 degree.

I’m such a trash. Stupid me.

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