After few days of revival of this Blog. I received few comments though i get some quite hits. The downside is maybe they don’t want to go thru all this registration setup. As a blogger it’s quite fullfiling if you have some comments in your posts and some discussions. I revive this just for fun and seeks Open Source ideas and thoughts.

I also fix the problem on clicking the comment and it just redirect on same page and not going to the login page. This was discovered by fellow blogger Dominique Gerald M. Cimafranca. Thanks Dominique for pointing out the problem and comments/advice thru emails.

I hope after this fix a few seconds and minute max would not hurt to register and be heard! I see this comment as a learning experience and a way to be a better man. Seeking advice to stranger? Thats how internet works right? Anyway i hope you enjoy reading my posts as i enjoy writing it and sharing to public how i exists in this world. Though some posts are provocative and non-sense to you please bear with it. This is my space and my world. My journey to nowhere? cheers!

Heres some screenshots of the statistics of my Blog hosting AwStats Stats.



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Authors note: If you want reply and comment, you need to register here. I don’t need cowards comment lurking anonymously. I required registration for this reason.