The Firefox browser is eating up my rigs resources. check the image understandable. If you don’t get it, its not my problem. 😀
Just kidding!

  1. firefox-bin – the Firefox browser binary application.
  2. firefox is eating up 42.8% of the ram resources. If more tabs it can reach to 60% up! how bloated!
  3. 2844k or around 2.8mb of the ram is free. poor me. My rig is really poor.

If my Firefox browser is open and i also open some application like OpenOffice or the Azureus Torrent client base on Java. My PC really crawls bigtime! I Hope i can upgrade soon.

Some guy based in California i meet at Freenode Network at ##Slackware Channel (i do some help/technical support for Slackware Linux if im free) after some chat he offered his 2x128mb ddr stick. sweet! I don’t know if it was delivered last 2weeks ago as he promised. It would be arriving this week or early next week. He also offered his noisy 40GB harddisk as he has already have 2Terabytes big harddisk but due to high cost of freight for harddisk it was not part of the free packaged.

If there some good person out there willing to send their surplus hardware… don’t hesitate to donate it to me! haha!

Heres my PC Desktop used GNU/Linux Slackware 10.2 Distro as Operating System and some Network info.


Heres my CPU Information.

Heres the information about my DDR and Harddisk. I have 2 maxtor – 80GB and 1 40GB. My harddisk is full of anime that’s why in the graph is RED. I need to free space soon. I’ll burn my Anime’s collection to DVD soon. Inshallah!


Soon i’ll share my Linux Desktop screenshots. 😀

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