From the BLOG of Bob Parsons – President and Founder of writes that VeriSign are trying to monopolize and control the .COM registry.

VeriSign wants to control the .COM registry forever.
VeriSign has somehow persuaded ICANN to propose a new contract where VeriSign will be the permanent and unregulated controller of the .COM registry. VeriSign would also get the right of presumptive renewal. This means when the new contract for the .COM registry comes up for renewal in 2012, it won’t be put out for bid – like the .NET contract was in 2005 – instead it will simply renew in VeriSign’s favor.

What’s the implication on this? once they have a total control on .COM registry expect the .COM top level domain will also increase its price as they have the SOLE and MONOPOLY controller of the .COM registry. There will be no more competition or war on price. The end-losers here are us consumers. As the .COM registrars will also be forced to increase as VeriSign has the sole discretion to increase the .COM contracts to the registrars.

VeriSign can increase it by 7% yearly and it will whopping increase at 28% in next 6 years. The cheap domain sales by from 8.95$ will be forced to increase as much as 10$-20$ more per domain, then the .COM will not be more salable and attractive to buy one? – because its EXPENSIVE and not REASONABLE!

This also the same experience at .PH Country Code TLDs as we (from Philippines) are hinder get our own .PH CC TLDs. .PH domain pegs at 35$/yr and minimum of 2yrs contract? 70$/2yrs?!!! Hell its way up to high! Me as still a student who saves little from school allowance will have hard time to maintain .PH domain name. Having a BLOG or personal websites with .PH domain name and Shared webHosting it too costly like SlackeR who are forced to come-up with crazy Ideas having domain name contest to replace his domain.

Monopoly is killing the consumers and theres no more price competition as they are the sole sellers of the service/product. This will greatly affect us. VeriSign SHAME ON YOU!

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