An article from Islam Online about the Amir Salamat Hashim Documentary Film of catch my attention. Read the 1st paragraph of the article or i just quote it here:

Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike will soon be able to explore the life story of Salamat Hashim, one of the eminent modern-day leaders of the Bangsamoro people (Filipino Muslims) who sew the seeds of and championed the struggle to reclaim the southern island of Mindanao, Islam’s birthplace in the Philippines.

I know the author of the said article and i right away send him a text msg (SMS). I said to him that if he will write an article again please do not equate the label Moro to a Filipino Muslims because it’s misleading the public.The late Amir Salamat Hashim never used the label Filipino Muslims to describe us Moro. This labeling is misleading and it gives the impression that we surrender our elusive dream of getting back once again the Independence of Moroland.

I remember the time when someone ask questions to the Amir Salamat Hashim in the Filipino/Tagalog vernacular and he don’t bother to answer it or he just reply on English, Arabic or to some Moro dialects (i.e. Maguindanaon, Meranao and Iranon). In my opinion it’s like he hates so much the filipino language.

My late grandmother (mother side) doen’t know the name our bisaya/christian helpers (maid) thus she call them by the name of Filipino. I keep hearing this during her lifetime and i really wonder and think that why she keeps calling non-muslim as Filipino? aint she a Filipino? a manifestations that we are not Filipino.

When the Spaniards arrived, there are 2 distinct people – the Moro and the Indios (now Filipino). So you can’t label the two distinct people as ONE. – Moslemen M. Macarambon Jr.

The author of the said article replied that it’s all well noted after my SMS. The reason he use the label because some Moros loosely describe such. After this i hope he and other writers who try to write about us will never use again the term to label us. I also ask him to correct the said article and email his publisher or editor.

I need to react because i need to. It’s my responsibilities to defend our cultural heritage and history. It’s my responsibility to correct such wrong facts and to straighten our identity as a Moro people.

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