Heres some screenshots i grab lately this year. I’m planning to compile my screenhots through the years i use Linux and Slackware the particular distro. I use Xfce as my desktop environment.

The website as the background and a GAIM – a yahoo messenger client also.


I’m an anime fanatic of Naruto anime. On the terminal side… i’m downloading a Slackware 10.2 ISO using wget program.


On the foreground. X-Chat – an IRC client and xmms – a mp3 player.

Azureus – a bittorent client based on Java. This program is really makes my rigs crawl. It eats up all my ram resources. When i run this with Firefox browser … i expect my PC will hang or crawl bigtime.

k3b – a cd/dvd creator. A nice GUI to burn your data to CD or DVD.