I’m not from ASSALAM Partylist though i share same sentiments and struggle of the Moro people for the right to Self-determination and Independence.

38 Years of Moro Unrelenting Struggle

Today marked the 38th year of the celebrated Jabidah Massace that serves as main eye-opener for yet another century of continuing Moro struggle for self-determination.

Thirty eight years have passed. The Moros are still leaving in constant threat of extermination. Oppression and almost all forms of discrimination are very much in place coupled with wanton violation of human rights against hapless Moro civilians in urban centers more so in the remote countrysides.

These injustices are being perpetrated by state machinery, the fascists Armed Foces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police. The same injustices have been inflicted against the Moros by the previous Philippine regimes and this immoral and fascist regime of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

The Moros experienced the state genocidal attack during the Marcos regime and ethnic cleansing under the following regimes. GMA regime continued to submit itself with the barbaric world evil imperialist forces lead by the United States branding Moro/Muslims as terrorists, and the attacks continued globally.

Piece meal tactics are being employed by the Philippine state in the peace processes to resolve the centuries-old Bangsamoro struggle for self-determination. In many cases the peace talks have turned into state tactics to divide the Moros, a classic. imperialists’ stance.

Today, as we face the fifth decade of continuing struggle since 1968, we are almost certain how will the evil forces inflict another rounds of oppression and injustices against our ranks. We must be ready to face these very serious and impeccable man-made catastrophy which will come along with sophisticated machinations design to wreck havoc against the people so oppressed such as the Moros. Not to mention the continued sufferings of hundred of thousand Moros living in the quagmire of poverty.

As we commemorate the Jabidah Massacre and salute the unknown martyrs of the Moroland, today, we also celebrate the Bangsamoro National Day and carry out our irrevocable tasks and obligation to the unrelenting defense of our legacy and continuing struggle for freedom.

Moro People Unite!
Fight all forms of oppression and injustices!
Onward with the Moro Struggle for genuine self-determination!

ASSALAM Bangsamoro People’s Party
March 18, 2006