Bangsamoro Languages – a collective language?

I’m working on a Bangsamoro Translation project on Joomla! CMS Localization and now bump with some issues regarding the Language naming convention in Joomla! to quote:

Language naming convention

Starting with Joomla! 1.1 language packs have a standardised naming convention using a combination of [language-code]-[COUNTRY-CODE] format such as eng-GB, eng-US or dut-NL.The ‘language-code’ is based on the ISO-639-2 standard for 3 letter language codes (always in lowercase). The ‘COUNTRY-CODE’ is based on the ISO=3166 standard for 2 letter country codes (always in uppercase).

The problem i’m facing is that theres no language-code for Bangsamoro. Oh well it’s understandable since this is a new revolution happening now in Moroland. I’m sort of losts and confused with this standard language codes i.e. ISO-639-2 standard and SO=3166 standard.

From ISO 639 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) no.13.

13. What are the criteria used to define new ISO 639 language codes?

The criteria used to define new codes in the ISO 639-1 standard are:

Relation to ISO 639-2. Since ISO 639-1 is to remain a subset of ISO 639-2, it must first satisfy the requirements for ISO 639-2. In addition it must satisfy the following.


  • a significant body of existing documents (specialized texts, such as college or university textbooks, technical documentation manuals, specialized journals, subject-field related books, etc.) written in specialized languages
  • a number of existing terminologies in various subject fields (e.g. technical dictionaries, specialized glossaries, vocabularies, etc. in printed or electronic form)

Recommendation. A recommendation and support of a specialized authority (such as a standards organization, governmental body, linguistic institution, or cultural organization)

Other considerations

  • the number of speakers of the language community
  • the recognized status of the language in one or more countries
  • the support of the request by one or more official bodies

Collective codes. ISO 639-1 does not use collective codes. If these are necessary the alpha-3 code will be used.

The criteria used when defining new codes in the ISO 639-2 standard are:

Number of documents. The request for a new language code should include evidence that one agency holds 50 different documents in the language or that five agencies hold a total of 50 different documents among them in the language. Documents include all forms of material and is not limited to text.

Collective codes. If the criteria above are not met, the language may be included in a collective language code. The words “languages” or “Other” as part of a language name indicates that a language code is a collective one. See also under question 17.

More information about the selection process for ISO 639 codes can be found at:

Given this facts and criteria i wonder if theres a Moro working on the field of Linguistics and studying Moro Languages as a collective language for Bangsamoro people? I found a language code for Moro but it’s a language of Sudan.

In Joomla language naming convention i could use mor_PH ([language-code]-[COUNTRY-CODE] format) or phi_PH where ‘phi‘ is the language code for other collective language in the Philippines and ‘PH‘ is the country code.

On MARC Language Codes [phi] is a collective code of Philippine (others) Language which the 13 Moro Languages i.e. Maranao (MRW) , Magindanao (MDH), Tausug (TSG) assigned. Another collective code where the 13 Moro Languages assigned also is the [map] – Austronesian (Other).

If i use mor_PH what translation i use in default? Maranao? Magindanao? Tausug? or the other 13tribes? of course neither of this since i’ll be creating a flame between this tribes if i choose one of the other. I’m wondering if it’s ok of having and sharing same language code with Sudan?

For now i’ll use mor_PH but with regional/local as suffixes i.e. mor_PH-mrw for Maranao, mor_PH-mdh for Magindanao, moro_PH-tsg for Tausugs. Im not really sure about this. If Bangsamoro is been a country now, there will be a Country code. So i’ll not be having a problem on Tags for Identification of Languages as an Internet Best Current Practices for the Internet Community. I can assigned mrw_BM if BM will be the country code but i doubt if it will be BM as BM code is used by the country of Bermuda.

Check also Using Language Identifiers (RFC 3066).

Consider me a Moro wanderer – i really have this many questions .. tons of it! and i dont know if it’s valid or not? like the Moro Islamic Liberation Front is planning for an Independent Bangsamoro State or Government but do they have consider and plan for a Bangsamoro Languages?

I’m still researching. If you have any knowledge and information please share it with me. Comments and suggestions is also welcome.