anyway… im back on blogging for the time being? its really boring and im lazy to write stuff about me. to start off.

The school just started and almost all of my subject for this 1st semester are Philosophy subjects? wonder why? because due to prerequisite subjects i cant enroll Information Technology major subjects. So to not waste time i enroll additional subjects outside on my BS IT curricculum. And now im double major with BA Philosophy.

During my class with my 2 Philo subjects (Modern Philosophy and Philosophy of Religion) feels wierd. we are 3 in class. 2 students and 1 teacher. Nowadays no really wants to be a Philosophy major? in our pool major there are 6 on 2nd yr status, 1 3rd yr irregular, 1 4th yr. It will be more reading this semester. I really hate reading but im now liking to read. Read Philosophy articles/books and History. Please no fictions. hehe 🙂

Anyway during this span of 1st semester i plan to post my class works on my insights and reflection articles. Lets see.