Someone with a nickname “Jherryster” message me in Internet Relay Chat (IRC) at Undernet Network. Heres the log:

Jherryster: Are you crazy?
Jherryster: that nick makes you seem muxlim and being one of THOSE is not wyze
wyzemoro: im not crazy
wyzemoro: and yes.. i am a Muslim
wyzemoro: do you have a problem with my identity?
Jherryster: I have no problem
Jherryster: I’m not attached to anyone’s religious institution
Jherryster: and the insanity is to attach oneself to a religious institution that does little or nothing to control its bad children
Jherryster: you know, the murderers of infidels
Jherryster: most religious are without merit.
Jherryster: islam is worse than that
Jherryster: I just hope for the sake of you that you’re a good person who doesn’t believe in the part of Islam that prescribes murder and terrorist acts
Jherryster: have I convinced you to give up your muslim beliefs?

And heres the WHOIS:

* [Jherryster] ([email protected]): Cherry Balingan Widders
* [Jherryster] #davao
* [Jherryster] * :The Undernet Underworld
* [Jherryster] idle 01:16:32, signon: Wed Dec 6 13:45:56
* [Jherryster] End of WHOIS list.

I don’t know what’s in his mind and prejudices us muslim and our Islam religion as a whole. What i’m sure is if i am indeed a crazy person he is a lot crazier than me. Did he convinced me to abandoned my religion? NO! i won’t abandoned my religion because im not yet crazy as crazy as him.

In his chose of words i believe he don’t believe in God as he is not affliated with any religious institutions. So does having a religious affliation makes me crazy or just because im a muslim does makes me crazy? And he is better off and he is normal person since he does not belong to any religious group or maybe don’t believe in God?

Islam doesn’t teach to murder and terrorize innocent civilians. I don’t subscribe to violents acts as much as possible but if someone non-muslims forced us to fight back and retaliate to defend our religion and our Moro identity they will recieved what they want. I never had a fight with my non-muslims friends and you can go to Iligan City to verify my claims. I always settle my differences and misunderstanding with my friends in a diplomatic way.

He defined the Moro identity as being with those murderers of infidels as i use an IRC nickname “wyzemoro“. So being a Moro is not wyze == wise? well yes im not be a wise person but theres so many genious and wise Moro in our Moroland who serves both in the government and non-government institutions.

Everytime i came along with this prejudices and discrimination it pisses me off. I just came from school where we celebrate with the Bishop-Iluma Conference (BUC) and we have our own program for the Mindanao Peace Week. The program was spiced up with our Moro Cultural presentation. I hope not all nor majority of non-muslims are the likes of “Jherryster”. The elusive peace here in Mindanao is far from reach if prejudices and descriminations continues.