theres so many reasons why my plans are not pushing this year to be back on blogging. Andrew keeps on reminding me to be back in blogging. But i’m hopeful that this coming days or weeks or months! haha. i’ll be back on regular blogging journey. Here are some lame excuses why i’m not yet ready.

  • i’m planning to move this personal blog to other new domain. since i’m planning this domain name to be use for business stuff. my branding for my IT ventures.
  • i’m not finish setting up my environment for blogging.
  • i’m still on hold to purchase new domain for my blogging. i’m short of money.
  • pre-occupied with school and works.
  • simply im lazy and not that inspired. why? my google adsense is ban. hehe.

Despite of this i’m slowly coping up and reaching my goals. i really want to be a pro-blogger someday. I envy those bloggers raking up their adsense income. Here’s the environment i’m planning and gadgets i already acquired.

  • laptop – just bought last week. it cost me 70thousands.
  • wireless router – i need this so i don’t frequently shifting the cable of my internet connection from my desktop to laptop time and time again.
  • digital camera – this is one thing that bloggers should have. i still don’t have this one and this is on my priority list when i have extra cash.
  • a real wireless internet – i’m still thinking of Smart Weroam or Globe Visibility. It’s still expensive. i’ll stick to my Smart Bro Internet connection.

I want to blog about my new gadget acquired but i don’t have a camera to have a picture shot. I have some shopping spree for this past days like buying new backpack bag for my laptop for my travel. The backpack i purchase is Samsonite like Yugatech but with Red colors. I also buy another bag for my regular use at school and hoping around the metropolitan. Maybe someone can lend me a digital camera for 1day? just to have a shot my new gadgets. i’m so hyped! so this is for now.