My other fellow bloggers is so fast publishing the account of just concluding get together that would soon boom to a big Bloggers Party! i couldn’t help myself wondered and giggled on the tentative date of the Davao Bloggers Party at March 17. I hope there would be enough sponsors to cash out the expenses for the event.

Anyway heres the list who blogs our get together and also post pictures. I’m lazy so bear with me.

  1. Blogie
  2. Village Idiot Savant

Heres the list of came:

  1. Jim Haw, a.k.a., Dr. “Haws”
  2. Raine
  3. Ria
  4. Chris
  5. Hoop
  6. Andrew
  7. Blogie
  8. Dominique
  9. Chris Cubos

Hope next get together we can add more bloggers to gimmick and join the laughters. Our voice was all over the place echoing – bouncing thru the walls. haha! we really have a good time. i enjoy it.