Here me again… back to blogging? i’m forced again to update my blog. yeah right! im a lazy bum. hehe. anyway i want to let you know that i join again a SEO Contest! trying my luck again? yes! I win the 6th place last year Isulong SeophThe PHP130,000 Philippine SEO Contest. And now Philippine SEO Contest 2.0 figthing for the keyword – Ituloy Angsulong. Heres my official main entry – Ituloy Angsulong entry by a Proud Moro and i have another entry. i have 2 entry but the second is not much as i concentrate more on my main entry. Maintaining is sooo painful and makes me more lazy.

My current ranking as of the press time is 5th in cumulative ranking at Google, Yahoo and MSN. I was 3rd in ranking few days ago but yesterday my rank starts to go down. Theres so many reason nor factors i’m losing my spot to other contestant like i have few backlinks and less content. I don’t know if i can catch up and improved my ranks.

Anyway… if you want to help me out just give me a backlink with an anchor text of Ituloy Angsulong entry by a Proud Moro with link to my other entry . But if you have a PR5+ site Please link to my main entry

I want to get some prize in this SEO Contest to compensate my travel expenses to Manila for the awarding nights. wish me luck! and give me backlinks! hahaha!