starting last friday afternoon i feel dizzy and some headaches. so later then i feel feverish.

i was bedridden the whole friday night till saturday afternoon. around 8pm saturday i go out even im not fully recovered, im stubborn. i fight with my fever and it thinking it will go away when going out and this fever is just a mind-set. at 9pm i meet up with Blogie to discuss about the venue and meet the management of netfront for possible sponsor for the venue of Davao Bloggers Party.

I thought my feverish state is full gone but now its back… gees. i still have a slight fever but with new addition cough and sorethroat!

I’m looking for good dimsum place where the menu is pork-free. i want to sip some hot/spicey noodle soup …. maybe i’ll drop by at some Thai restaurant at SM.

The night im chilling cold, i thought i’ll be hospitalized. im afraid of hospitals its not because of nurses, doctors and place , i’m afraid of the BILLS! im far from my parents and my money is draining fast. I have no money to pay hospital bills. so i choose home treatment using the usual planax and biogesic. It’s really hard to be away from parents.

I can now have my bath! since last saturday… i didnt have a bath. im stinking for this past days. hehe!