Late last year (2006) i join some essay contest of The Goi Peace Foundation. Its some sort of peace related piece. I didn’t make it to win or place. This is my first attempt to join an essay writting contest. Obviously my essay doesnt make sense or i don’t know. I’m just a frustrated writer nor wannabe. My grammar sucks and poor vocabulary but here i am making phun of myself. At least with guts and in years to come i can sharpen my writting abilities “maybe” thru experiences like here in blogging.

Late in afternoon i recieved the certification of participation. I never expect this kind of letter would arrived.

Heres the article – Catalyst agent for Culture of Peace . it’s korni! I don’t know what comes in my mind during the time i’m writting. I’m always want to be a Peace Advocate nor Peace Maker.

I’m happy at least i know my submission arrived. I thought my piece ended lost in post offices traveling around the world.

My article is cramming as i write it before the deadline. I think i can do better if i give it more ample time to think and write to produce a good and interesting piece.

Though this attempt sometimes makes me laugh and fool myself being stupid writing for a contest. I write to try to learn and i also want to share my story even my grammars unacceptable. I think what matter is my concept and ideas is understandable.

Another experience makes me foolish? i’ll just pile it up to database of experiences and trying to learn from it. Do you also want to write for a essay peace contest?