I was so excited for my departure yesterday but got me pissed due to several delayed and moving of time scheduled. My schedule was 7am and move to 7:40am and once again moved finally at 8:40am. I was in airport so early around quarter to 6am and i was so lame and sleepy (remember my old post?). Anyway during the time i’m waiting for departure i see and have chat with Dennis Agulo who is also a contestant and will be joining the Ituloy Angsulong Awards Night.

I arrived at Ninoy Aquino Domestic Airport yesterday around 10:30am. My Uncle Manny and Cousin Abdul picked me at the arrival area. I was so tired and sleepy! We go directly to Greenhills Shopping Center and stay there until 5pm.

Going to The 2007 Philipppine Blog Awards volounters meeting at Starbucks Metro Walk, 6pm and Ituloy Angsulong Awards Night at 7pm Metro Phi Resto Bar.

The 2007 Philipppine Blog Awards volounters

I finally meet Gail, Marc V., Jayvee, Chris H., Aileen and others who i really forgot their name – sorry guys! What’s really funny going to meet this bunch and energetic volounters for this upcoming The 2007 Philipppine Blog Awards is that i forgot to ask Gail her number. So im so stupid waiting at Starbucks Metro Walk for this people. Luckily, one of them at nearby table call Gail. So here i am approach Gail afterwards if she is the one who is part of the The 2007 Philipppine Blog Awards and she said yes. I was relieved and i feel no longer lost. hehe!

Anyway… we sat at nearby table o yes…. we talk about blog and more non-bloggable stuff? off the records? haha! We are like laughing a lot? LOL! We are teasing the Aileen who happens to be the Philippine Country Consultant of Google who also and must sponsor the PBA07 since Automattic and Matt will sponsors PBA07. Why can’t GOOGLE sponsor? hehe!

After some side jokes and teasing we decide to have some committees like:

  • welcome/secrtariat
  • security
  • documentation
  • program
  • food
  • and i forgot the others. hehe.

It was also propose to hire a producer to direct/manage the awarding and show. But what thing hinders this is due to lack of budget. If you want to help go to these page and be part of the sponsors.

Around 7pm+ i have to execuse myself to attend Ituloy Angsulong Awards Night.

Ituloy Angsulong Awards Night

The event organized by Marc Macalua – at last i finally meet him. I have no digital camera so i’m gonna rely to get a copy to those have one. Yes i finally meet those nicks/names behind the old yahoogroups and forum.

Heres the photo collage of the Awards Night made/shot by Abel of piixiimedia.

I really have a great time even though i didnt win big prizes that could compensete my travel expenses. Theres a SEO Hunks and SEO Babes that makes me giggle and had a LOL! I wish i could bring one of those as a prize and slept for a night? at least i got a hug from SEO Hunk Benj Arriola i wonder if her wife is jealous of me? haha! LOL!

Thanks to all members/contestant who join this event and also of course the sponsors who graciously provided many checks for the prizes.