I’ve been looking for plugin like:

  • related post
  • recent comments
  • adsense
  • tag cloud
  • and many others to beautify my blogs

Theres so many and clattered list of plugins. It’s really confusing and most of the time hopeless. I need to ask for friends suggestion of plugins that really works and easy to install/implement to the blogs. I’ve been thinking of setting up a repository directory site that will rank this plugins and be commented by the users. Like what have done at Joomla! Extension site.

I’m a fan and avid users of Joomla! CMS and an old wordpress user. For the past 12months i’ve been using Joomla as prefered CMS and not WordPress for my work and personal projects. I also plan to use Joomla as my prefered blogging tools. But since this old blog of mine is wordpress i’m forced to learn back how to use wordpress. why? i don’t want to lose my content migrating from wordpress to joomla.

Let’s see if i can setup something like Joomla! Extension site for WordPress Plugin. Probably in the coming more months if i’ll be free and not lazy.

If you have some plugins like the above what i’m looking for please do leave comment for the links where to download. I’ll appreciate it so much. Make me save time to look and search. Thanks!