Young Moro Professionals Network (YMPN) based in Mindanao will have an Assembly this coming March 3, 2007 at 8-12 pm at Lauremar Beach Resort, Opol, Misamis Oriental.

YMPN is a global network of like-minded individuals who believe in the power of volunteerism and information-sharing. We have conducted programs that have impacted on the national psyche and community affairs such as Medical Missions, International Ramadhan Fair, Young Moro Leader’s Forum, and our website,, nominated one of Philippines’ best in recent years. The YMPN has attained an international recognition of young Muslims who are aggressive, pro-active and determined to shape the Bangsamoro future.

Per our Constitution and By-Laws, we believe in the initiative of every individual , wherever he may be, to promote the vision, mission and objectives of the organization, using his own resources, talent and network.

Wanting to harness and harmonize the efforts of its members, especially in Mindanao and strengthen its base here, we are pleased to invite you to the YMPN Mindanao Planning Assembly on March 3, 8-12 pm at Lauremar Beach Resort, Opol, Misamis Oriental.

The assembly hopes to:

  • Level off on the Bangsamoro future
  • map out the geographic location of the membership of YMPN in Mindanao, the members’ skills and find a niche for YMPN as an organization
  • Organize YMPN Mindanao and welcome new members to prepare for a General Assembly of YMPN Mindanao


Heres the program:

“Muslim Yuppies, Confronting the Bangsamoro Future”
8-12, March 3,2007
Lauremar, Opol

Invocation Salem Demuna, Kaagan Foundation

Opening Remarks Hon. Jehanne Mutin-Mapupuno, Councilor
Founding Chairperson, YMPN

Overview of the Assembly Samira Gutoc, LLB
Founding Co-convenor, YMPN

Secretariat’s Report Loren Lao, LLB

History of YMPN Don Mustapha Loong, Provincial Administrator
Founding Co-convenor, YMPN

Chairman’s Report Baibonn Sanguid
Chairperson, YMPN

Inspirational Message Sec. Ishak Mastura

Global Networking Jamal Latiph
Improving Our Communications Network

Workshop 1:
Levelling off/Open Forum Jehanne Mutin-Mapupuno

Workshop 2: Assessing Who We Are Samira Gutoc
Mapping Our Skills, Finding our Niche

Promoting One Bangsamoro to Accomplish Shared Dreams

Workshop 3

Strategic Planning for YMP Mindanao Gutierrez Mangansakan III

Election of Adhoc Committee to Convene YMP Mindanao

Synthesis Ayesha Daturamos

I will be probably attend this event.