I always been dreaming of having my own iPod. Due to financial constraint i have no way to buy one. After the Isulong SEOPH keyword ranking contest the primary sponsor of the contest LakesideSQL.com extend the contest with a Isulong SEOPH Raffle Contest.

After announcing the raffle i was so excited since they are giving away 6 iPod 80GB! i was wishing by then that one of the 6 iPod would be mine. hehe!

During the Ituloy Angsulong Awards Night they picked 4 iPod 80 GB Videos to be given away. The official winners are posted here (registration required).

Luckily i’m one of those Isulong Seoph contestant picked and be awarded of an iPod 80GB. I just contacted Marc through YM and since he is currently busy we will discuss tomorrow how it will be shipped. I can’t wait the iPod package will arrived at my hand and play with it. Since it’s a whopping 80GB space i will probably delete all my mp3’s in my laptop (around 30GB) to save more space.

I’m now iPod Lusting!!! and now shifting to be a certified Apple Maniac!!!. haha! next: MacBook Pro Lusting!