I will go visit and watch some movie preferably at NCCC Cinemas or SM City CinemasDavao City. I do have this regularly watching movie at cinemas during weekends for my love and passion for filmmaking. But because of other vices which im now trying to quit thus i totally forgot about films and movies.  Instead i’m at cinemas watching  i’m at my bed due to hangover and  no sleep.  I’m now slowly getting back on track? recuperating  and healing of  last sleeplessness? i’m now cool and better.

Watching movies frequently gives me more ideas like how the filmmakers does he/she treats the story and angle of great shots or treat the sequence of story scenes. It always have new ideas for every film watched to be learn. I learn on hand and experiences aside from taking up Guerrilla Filmmaking Workshop and joining Mindanao Film Congress as part of Mindanao Filmmaking Festival.

If you wonder if i have buddies to watch movies – i always watch alone and me alone. You may find it boring but i find it interesting since i can concentrate more to the details and technicalities of the story.

I will watch 300 at NCCC Cinemas.

Yipee! I want a HUGE bucket of Popcorn! hehe!