I got a confession to tell. Yes! i will try once again quit my vices – smoking and drinking. This vices recall few weeks ago because of this sleeplessness. Last night i have plenty of it – Smoke belching my Lungs (poor thing!) and more shots of redhorse beer.

I just realized this should be stop for the reason of Love for Bangsamoro and Islam. I want to be a reform Muslim as this vices is a forbidden act. I think one reason i can’t move on and put a big leap forward for my Bangsamoro advocacies is because of this vices. Thus also this vices was a hindrance for me to practice prayer. Why? Because in our religion Islam that a single drop of beer/liquor – your prayer in 40days is void or not accepted. So i stop praying. I quit my religious responsibilities and straying away from the true path.

This vices also cost me a lot were it drains LOT of my savings. Quiting this vices will save me a lot of money and have a healthy body. I’m spending too much for this vices and forgetting also the needed cash to infuse to my expensive hobby like filmmaking, blogging, techies gadget and peace advocacies.

So here i now confessing and needed help. Please help me quit. I quit or stray once again. Astagfirullah.